Our Team

The Pennsylvania Personal Injury Law Team of Rankin & Gregory, LLC – RG Injury Law

Chad Rankin

I help injured people who need aggressive, but compassionate legal counsel. I settle cases and win trials for them.

William Gregory

I obtain the greatest recovery for my clients and listen to their needs. I fight for them through the whole process.

Rick Palazzo

Rick is a business consultant, He shares his expertise from owning a successful personal injury and Workers’ Compensation practice.

CathyAnn Litwin

CathyAnn is a paralegal with RG Injury Law. She is responsible for establishing and maintaining medical records for all cases.

Jessica Goyco

Jessy is a talented, bilingual legal assistant. She provides Spanish-speaking services for our clients who need a multilingual law firm.

Claire Kendig

Claire is a paralegal who focuses on the litigation stage of cases. She works directly with our clients to ensure they receive personal care.

Karin Marsh

Karin has worked with hundreds of clients and helped them recover millions in lost wages, damages, and medical benefits.

Angela Lopez

Angela is a caring bilingual receptionist for our firm. She has a genuine nature and connects with clients with her Spanish skills.

Sue Rankin

Sue is gifted at keeping the office organized. She manages the mountain of paperwork a successful law practice generates.

Alice Risser

Alice has a background in serving and advocating for people with disabilities. She is a legal assistant to Attorney Bill Gregory.

Raysa Rivera

Raysa is a bilingual paralegal with a commitment to serving our clients. She has civil litigation experience and a community focus.

Grace Shoemaker

Grace is a paralegal at RG Injury Law. She assists clients during litigation with her communication skills and legal experience.

Viviana Peters

Viviana is a bilingual Spanish-speaking Legal Assistant at RG Injury Law. She serves our clients and our legal team.

Stacey Gregory

Stacey is an attorney with 15 years of experience defending large companies and insurance companies.

Debra Hatfield

Debra handles the pre-litigation stage of cases. She listens to clients’ stories, collects details, and manages complexity.


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