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Rankin & Gregory Keeping Time: The Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia Pennsylvania

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Rankin & Gregory On Keeping Time: The Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia Pennsylvania

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For over half a century, Columbia has been home to the headquarters of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC), whose campus on Poplar Street includes a clock tower, clock museumlibrary, research center, and “School of Horology,” for training professional clock and watch repairers. Through this portal lies an adventure in time that offers a glimpse into the magic of gears and springs, weights and pendulums.

We are fortunate at RG Injury Law to have our personal injury law office in Columbia Pennsylvania so near to this national treasure. The National Watch and Clock Museum showcases the largest and most comprehensive of all watch and clock collections in North America. Opening locally in 1977, the museum held fewer than 1,000 artifacts. Today, more than 12,000 timepieces amaze visiting horologists and tourists. People visit the National Watch and Clock Museum to take a chronological tour of clocks, watches, and other timekeeping devices to learn about timekeeping throughout history. Watches and clocks from all over the world enthrall visitors, including exhibits from England, Japan, China, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Russia.

We value the artistry, engineering, and histories that lie behind the incredible timekeeping devices at the National Watch and Clock Museum. This unique destination is one of many reasons we glad our personal injury law firm is located near to this museum and the many historical treasures that Columbia PA offers.

Our team at Rankin & Gregory is honored to serve this region with excellent, experienced legal representation to protect people’s rights when our friends and neighbors need representation following an accident that was not their fault. We will be there for you and your loved ones ever face an injury because of a fall due to negligence, a motor vehicle accident, nursing home neglect, an accident at your workplace while on the job that requires Workers’ Compensation, other devastating injuries or a wrongful death, Rankin & Gregory will be there to provide compassion, clarity, calm, and peace of mind from the moment you choose us to fight for your rights and highest compensation from the insurance company. If you ever need us, plase contact us or call 717.656.5000 for a free review of your potential injury or disability case.

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