Kayleigh Ferko’s

#RGInjuryLawCares Scholarship Essay

My career goal is to become a neonatal nurse practitioner. I plan to go to Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences to complete my BSN and my masters in nursing. Nursing is a very competitive and emotional occupation. The job requires many calm and patient qualities. I am very caring and have empathy. I have gained these qualities by being a kindergarten Sunday school teacher and caring for the little kids. These qualities are essential for a nurse because patients need that emotional and physical support from their medical provider. Having empathy can allow me to really hear and share in a patient’s feelings.

Nurses have to be compassionate and have quality care for others. I possess good communication skills. This skill is one of the most important requirements of a nurse’s job. I have gained more communication skills while being the President for Penn Manor Mini-THON. I had to communicate to everyone about different fundraisers and how to raise money and plan events.

I am aware of paying attention to detail. I was the president for Penn Manor Mini-THON, to raise money for pediatric cancer, and this helped me to pay attention to detail. Nurses have to be the first to notice any changes in a patient’s medical condition and alert physicians to respond in ways that can avoid a serious health event. I want to work with babies and my skill of paying close attention to detail is important to ensure I see changes and make decisions for the babies since they can not communicate. I have the ability to problem solve. This quality is essential for a nurse because if a patient has a medical change, a nurse needs to think quickly of how they can fix what is going on and problem solve.

A nurse needs to be flexible and always prepare for the unknown and I obtain these skills. I hold a great deal of respect for everyone. This quality is important because if you give respect you will get respect in return. It is important for a nurse to respect each patient’s wishes and be mindful of different lifestyles. I was gifted with the desire to keep learning. I love to expand my knowledge and take what I learn and apply it to life situations. Medical knowledge and technology is always changing, and a good nurse must have the desire to keep learning to improve their skills and learn new things. The qualities that I possess will help me to be successful in becoming a neonatal nurse practitioner.


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