Injuries from Pedestrian Accidents Can Be Severe. Choose the Best Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Lancaster to Fight for You.

Quick Action & Evidence Collection is Needed for Pedestrian Accident Cases

Choose the best lawyers in Lancaster to help you or a loved one after a pedestrian accident has caused serious injuries or a wrongful death. In pedestrian accidents,  injuries are often severe and, sadly, sometimes fatal. The injured pedestrian may not even know what happened. In many pedestrian accidents, thorough documentation, photographs, a police report, medical evaluation and care, and an immediate investigation are necessary if you are considering filing a lawsuit to protect your future financial and physical health. Our experienced pedestrian accident attorneys will talk with you at no charge or pressure tactics to determine if you have a case.

Lancaster pedestrian accident lawyers Chad Rankin and Bill Gregory  at RG Injury Law lead the charge in every pedestrian injury case to make sure the necessary evidence is gathered and preserved after a person is struck by a motor vehicle or injured in a hit and run accident.

Common evidence needed to support a pedestrian accident case includes communication with the police, getting statements from all the witnesses, taking photographs of the scene, vehicles, and the people involved, and sometimes an accident reconstruction expert needs to be hired. RG Injury Law will take care of the investigation so that you can focus on healing.

We encourage you to seek experienced legal counsel quickly after a pedestrian accident, crosswalk accidenthit and run accident, or, the unthinkable, a wrongful death to protect yourself and/or your loved ones from a low settlement from the insurance company. Call our pedestrian injury attorneys for a free, no-pressure consultation at 717.656.5000.

Learn more about how limited tort insurance some people carry (that restricts your rights to sue for pain and suffering) is treated as full tort insuance following a pedestrian accident, allowing you to sue for the full compensation you or your loved one deserves.

Chad and Bill have handled many pedestrian accidents. Many of their pedestrian accidents have involved clients who are struck by vehicles turning or running a red light while the client is legally crossing a street in the crosswalk.

Recently Bill Gregory recovered a substantial six-figure settlement for a pedestrian accident where the client was properly crossing the street in a crosswalk. The at-fault driver was not paying attention when he made a left turn, which caused him to strike the pedestrian.

With the increase of distracted driving, texting while driving, looking at GPS while driving, drowsy driving, DUI drinking and drugging intoxicated driving, pedestrians must be ever more vigilant about their safety by staying alert not getting distracted themselves. Always assume that drivers around you are not paying attention to pedestrians and stay safe! If the unthinkable happens and you or your loved one is struck by a motor vehicle, call our legal team to discuss potential next steps to protect you or your family from unacceptably low settlements from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

We encourage people who have been injured in a pedestrian accident to call the police, document everything your or the victim remembers about the accident, seek medical care immediately because often injuries present after adrenaline rush subsides, and quickly reach out to our legal team to talk with our personal injury attorneys at no cost. We never pressure people to become clients, treat you with respect and compassion, and charge nothing to consult with our experienced attorneys. You’ll get our full attention and quick response throughout your case and pay no fee unless we recover money for you.

Call Chad Rankin or Bill Gregory at 717.656.5000 as soon as possible after your injury occurs to ensure the highest compensation possible.

Talk with the RG Injury Law Team. Email or call 717.656.5000.

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