Who Pays My Medical Bills After a Car Accident?

Medical Bills for Injuries After An Accident Can Be Overwhelming

What to Do When You Car Insurance Runs Out of Coverage

Medical Bills Are Recoverable from the Insurance of the Driver at Fault

When you are involved in a car accident the last thing you should be worrying about is who will pay for your related car accident medical bills.  Unfortunately with the high cost of medical treatment, who will pay for your car accident medical bills is almost on everyone’s mind following a car accident.

In Pennsylvania, your automobile insurance company is responsible to pay for your car accident medical bills.  The amount your insurance will pay depends on the policy you purchased.  The state minimum amount of medical bill coverage for a car accident is $5,000.00.  If your car accident medical bills exceed the amount of coverage you have on your automobile insurance policy, then you or your health insurance would be responsible to continue paying.

If you do not have car insurance, but you are driving a car that belongs to someone else or your a passenger of a vehicle that is involved in an accident then the automobile insurance which would pay for your car accident medical bills would most likely be the insurance on the car in which you are riding.  Alternatively, if you reside with someone who has automobile insurance, their insurance may be responsible for paying for your medical treatment.  A lawyer who focuses on car accidents can best tell you which insurance company would apply to your situation.

When your car insurance runs out of coverage and you do not have health insurance, what you pay for your car accident medical bills is recoverable from the party who was at fault for the accident. If your health insurance pays for car accident medical bills, it may be able to recover what it paid from the recovery you make.  However, this is an ever-developing issue in the law, and should be properly investigated by a personal injury attorney.

If your health insurance is through Medicaid (Department of Public Welfare) or Medicare, and one of those entities pays for your car accident medical bills, then they have the right to recover some or all of what was paid.  Again, this is a developing legal issue within the law that a personal injury attorney can investigate and answer who is owed what after you make a recovery.

There are times when you may have automobile insurance available to you, but it will not pay for your car accident medical bills because you own a registered vehicle which is not insured.  In that case, you would responsible to pay for your medical treatment if your health insurance does not.  Again, an experienced personal injury attorney can answer for you what your and your insurance should pay

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