Is your employer talking to your doctor behind your back?

Is your employer talking to your doctor behind your back about your Workers’ Comp Claim?

Often times when you are receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits or you just had a work injury, your employer is in contact with your doctor’s office.  You may think nothing of it, but a closer look may reveal that your employer and the doctor you are treating with (or the doctor they directed you to go) are working without your knowledge to keep you working or get you back to work when that may not be in your best interest.  Employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies are more concerned with what they are paying out in wage loss benefits and medical bills than your injury.  One way to cut down the financial bleeding is to get your (or their) doctor to release you back to full duty work or lessen the restrictions on your ability to work.  This is fine for them, not for you.

In fact, we have encountered times where doctors’ offices will change work restrictions you just received after you have left the doctors’ office!  All because the employer (or nurse case manager or insurance company) called the doctor to “lessen” the work injury restrictions.

Injured workers should not tolerate this treatment.  You should have a doctor that is treating your work injury and only concerned with you getting better.  Your doctor should not be concerned with your employer’s wishes or the wishes of the workers’ compensation insurance company.

If you wonder if your doctor is really on your side, feel free to call us at RG Injury Law.  We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to counsel you to make the best decision for you, not your employer.

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