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Meet the Central PA Personal Injury Law team of Rankin & Gregory, LLC, RG Injury Law, with offices in Lancaster and Leola – Leacock Pennsylvania. Each member of our accident injury legal team focuses on listening to injured people and ensuring that we manage all of the details so you can concentrate on your recovery. Our highly-credentialed Personal Injury, Car Accident, and Workers’ Compensation lawyers led by Attorneys Chad Rankin and William (Bill) Gregory, offer more than two decades of legal experience settle or win 99% of our clients’ cases. We offer FREE CASE EVALUATIONS and you have no risk to hire our personal injury lawyers as you pay no fee without a recovery.

Let our Personal Injury, Car Accident, and Workers’ Comp pursue MAXIMUM SETTLEMENTS and winning verdicts from insurance companies for you.

Chad Rankin, Personal Injury & Auto Accident Attorney

I settle cases and win trials for injured people who need aggressive, but compassionate legal counsel.

William (Bill) Gregory, Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation Attorney

I fight to obtain the greatest recovery for my clients, but I pride myself on listening to my clients and being there for them through the fight.

Gabe Griffith, Attorney for Veterans Disability and Social Security Disability

(Gabriel) Gabe Griffith, Personal Injury Veterans Disability Benefits and SSD Attorney

Veterans and people with disabilities deserve the best legal representation so they receive the benefits they DESERVE. I fight for justice.

Lancaster Injury Attorney Bill Benner, Of Counsel, Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer

(William) Bill Benner, Personal Injury & Car Accident Lawyer

Personal injury accident cases are won by listening, having knowledge and experience, strategizing, and knowing what works. I champion the rights of clients to get the compensation they deserve, every time.

Debra Hatfield

Debra focuses on the pre-litigation stage of cases. Her genuine warmth in listening to clients’ stories, collecting the fine details, and managing the complexity of cases and making it feel seamless makes her a vital part of the team.

Karin Marsh

Karin has worked with hundreds of clients and assisted in the recovery of millions of dollars in lost wages, damages, and medical benefits.

Rick Palazzo

Rick serves as an esteemed business consultant for Rankin & Gregory sharing his vast expertise from years of owning a successful personal injury and Workers’ Compensation practice in Lancaster County.

Lori Hall

Lori is a Legal Assistant with 25+ years of experience in the Lancaster County whose commitment to clients and the smallest details case outcomes be successful.

Claire Kendig

Claire is a paralegal whose focus is on the litigation stage of a cases. She is dedicated to working directly with our clients to ensure that they receive the individualized personal care they deserve.

CathyAnn Litwin

CathyAnn a paralegal with RG Injury Law who is responsible for establishing and maintaining medical records for all cases both in pre- and post-litigation stages.

Sue Rankin

Sue is gifted at keeping the office organized, managing the mountain of paperwork a successful law practice generates.

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