Most Dangerous Roads in Lancaster

Road Descriptions:

1. Rohrerstown Rd. or McGovernsville Rd

Vehicles exiting eastbound at Rt. 741 have two options for travel: Rohrerstown Rd. or McGovernsville Rd. However, a significant challenge arises from a stop sign located in the middle of the T-intersection. This intersection requires drivers to watch for vehicles on their left, to watching other vehicles approach the merge from the right. In 2017, there were 16 crashes reported at this intersection. With ongoing commercial development in Landisville, traffic has increased on surrounding roads. Considering the high number of vehicles exiting the highway or preparing to merge, it is crucial to approach this intersection with utmost caution and patience.

2. Lincoln Highway East

Stretching for 9 miles, Lincoln Highway East serves as a direct route from the outskirts of the city to the picturesque rural landscapes that make Lancaster famous. However, due to its one-lane highway configuration, navigating Lincoln Highway can be challenging, particularly considering its popularity among tourists. The road features frequent pedestrian crossings and numerous local street intersections. Notably, a substantial amount of $7.4 million in state funds has been allocated for potential safety improvements in this area. The impact of these improvements on traffic flow remains to be determined.

3. Pennsy Road

This particular travel segment presents a significant challenge due to the limited number of intersections and the absence of stop signs or traffic lights. In a span of six months in 2013, the area experienced four fatalities, highlighting the inherent risks. The configuration of these two roads often leads to confusion and hasty decision-making for drivers. Pennsy Road transitions from a four-lane divided highway into a Y-shaped fork, further complicating the situation. Additionally, making turns or changing directions on Byerland Church Road requires drivers to cross two lanes, adding to the complexity of navigation.

4. Lampeter Rd

To set the scene, this particular section spans only half a mile in length. However, the traffic volume has been steadily increasing over time, as reported by local residents. It has become a popular route for commuters in a hurry, often disregarding safety precautions. The proximity to a predominantly residential area has unfortunately resulted in the loss of four lives. Given the presence of residential areas and the Lampeter-Strasburg School campus situated across the street, heightened caution is necessary.

Route 322

With a speed limit of 55 MPH and limited to a single lane, this segment of Route 322 poses a significant challenge, particularly for drivers who are unfamiliar with the area. Compounding the difficulty are the numerous intersecting roads and adjacent trails that run alongside the highway. Disturbingly, between 2012 and 2017, this specific stretch witnessed four fatal crashes, with three out of four resulting in collisions with trees. The dense nature surrounding the highway contributes to reduced visibility, making it darker than usual, while the presence of surrounding woods further complicates navigation in this area.


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