Should We File a Lawsuit for Nursing Home Negligence or Elder Abuse in Central PA?

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Who Will Fight for Your Loved Ones Injured Due to Nursing Home Negligence or Elder Abuse.

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When You Suspect or Know Your Loved One Living in a Nursing Home Is Not Safe

Nursing home negligence lawyers who fight for elderly and/or disabled nursing home residents who’ve been hurt while living in nursing homes by financial exploitation, falls, bed sores, neglect, or elder abuse are critical for protecting yourself or loved ones at risk of injury in rehab homes and nursing home facilities. RG Injury Law provides highly-qualified nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse injury lawyers in Lancaster, PA. Making the decision to move a loved one into a nursing home or skilled nursing facility (SNF) can be a difficult choice because of concerns about nursing home abuse, exploitation, or negligence, especially for loved ones who live far away or with busy lives who cannot visit as often as you’d like. Worrying about their health and safety increases those fears and the stress as you wonder if you and your loved ones have made the right decision to live in a retirement home. Families go through a lot of research and effort to pick the right home. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know which retirement or nursing facility will actually live up to all its promises. Nursing home neglect is far too common and residents of nursing homes are mistreated and abused daily through neglect, abuse, and financial exploitation.

Nursing home staff have been known to do inhumane things such as ignoring the patient’s needs, allowing patients to lay in their own urine and feces, giving the wrong medication, physical abuse, emotional abuse, stealing the patient’s identity, and stealing their money.

The attorneys at RG Injury Law work hard for you and your family to build your case and to reclaim your loved one’s dignity.

Signs of Abuse

  • Unexplained bruises and cuts
  • Falls
  • Torn or bloody clothing
  • Broken bones
  • Malnourishment/dehydration
  • Dark yellow or amber urine
  • Soiled bedding
  • Unsanitary living conditions

If you suspect that your loved one has suffered abuse, injuries, or neglect when in the care of nursing home staff, you may have a valid legal claim. We encourage people who have been injured or who are representing vulnerable loved ones to reach out to our legal team and talk with our personal injury attorneys at no cost. We never pressure people to become clients, treat you with respect and compassion, and charge nothing to consult with our experienced attorneys. You’ll get our full attention and quick response throughout your case and pay no fee unless we recover money for you. Call Chad Rankin or Bill Gregory at 717.656.5000 as soon as possible after your injury occurs to ensure the highest compensation possible.

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