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When you have to file a PA Workers Compensation Claim, you should know about Utilization Reviews. Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation system allows Workers’ Compensation insurance companies the opportunity to challenge medical treatment for accepted Workers’ Compensation injuries. The allowed process is called a utilization review, also called an URO or UR.

What is a utilization review (UR) request in the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation claim process?

A utilization review can either be made the insurer, an employer, or and  injured worker to determine if the medical treatment by a particular medical provider is actually reasonable and necessary.

What is supposed to occur in the utilization review is that the insurance carrier selects a provider, a range of treatment and a type of treatment to have reviewed by an “independent” provider to determine if the treatment being rendered is reasonable, necessary and related to the accepted work injury. Most times the utilization review is done for treatment which has occurred and is ongoing. However, a utilization review may be prospectively filed (by either party) to determine if future medical treatment is reasonable, necessary and related to the accepted work injury as defined by Pennsylvania’s Workers Compensation Act.

The reviewing provider makes a decision based upon the medical records, claimant’s statement, treating provider’s statement and the reviewing provider’s expertise. The reviewing provider then decides if some or all of the past or future treatment is reasonable, necessary and related to the accepted Workers’ Compensation injury. The party who does not agree with the reviewing provider’s determination is free to file a legal petition to have the case decided by a Workers’ Compensation judge.

Although it is best for claimants to have a Workers’ Compensation lawyer from the beginning of the case, it is almost necessary to have representation when litigation before a Workers’ Compensation judge. Rankin & Gregory have years of experience challenging utilization reviews for their clients, feel free to call us at 717.656.5000 for a FREE Workers Compensation case evaluation.

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