Pennsylvania’s Distracted Driving Law Explained by Attorney Chad Rankin of RG Injury Law

Pennsylvania’s Distracted Driving Law Explained by Attorney Chad Rankin of RG Injury Law

What You Need to Know When Distracted Driving Causes Pennsylvania Car Accidents

Lancaster Personal Injury Attorney Chad Rankin Explains PA’s Distracted Driving Law

Learn If You Have a Distracted Driver Accident Case from Pennsylvania Injury Attorney Chad Rankin of RG Injury Law

If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident because a distracted driver was texting, Snapchatting, taking a selfie, or simply looking at his or her mobile phone while driving, then you should learn about Pennsylvania’s Distracted Driving Law. Did you know that Pennsylvania law currently makes it illegal for a driver to send, read, or write a text or email while the vehicle is in motion?  However, this law has not gone far enough to prevent car accidents, injuries, and deaths from distracted driving. According to the DMV, more than 16,000 crashes involved a distracted driver in 2016.  Sixty-one of those 16,000 crashes resulted in deaths. As a result, a bipartisan bill has been introduced and is moving through the Pennsylvania legislature to make our distracted driving laws more strict.

House Bill 1684 (HB1684) would make it illegal for a driver in Pennsylvania to talk on a cell phone while driving unless they are doing so hands-free.  A violation of the new law would be a primary offense. Unlike a secondary offense like the seatbelt law, a primary offense means that a driver could be pulled over by a police officer if they see you using a cell phone while operating a moving vehicle. A police officer can pull you over and give you a ticket even though you are not violating any other Pennsylvania law. A first-time offense would result in a $50 fine and second-time offenders would be fined $100.

Allowing a police officer to pull someone over when they are observed holding a cell phone while driving will hopefully increase the number of tickets issued to distracted drivers. Under current law, each municipality in Pennsylvania averaged only two distracted driving tickets the entire year of 2017. Shockingly, two tickets per municipality was an increase from the prior years.  

The new proposed law is even more strict for our younger inexperienced drivers.  The new law would make talking on a cell phone illegal, even if hands-free, by someone under the age of 18. Frankly, this makes sense. We do not want our young drivers to be distracted in any way while they learn how to drive safely.  

Even if the proposed law passes in Pennsylvania, it may not go far enough to protect people in Lancaster County from car accidents. According to AAA, using a cell phone in any manner, including hands-free, increases the risk of being in an accident by eight times.

A driver who causes a car accident while using a cell phone may also be liable for punitive damages.  If you or someone you know was by a distracted driver, contact Lancaster car accident lawyers Chad Rankin and Bill Gregory at Rankin & Gregory, LLC (RG Injury Law) for a free legal consultation to determine the full extent of your rights. Call us for a no-pressure, car accident injury case consultation at 717.656.5000.

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