Should you fill out paperwork for the “Independent” Medical Examination?

Should you fill out paperwork for the “Independent” Medical Examination?

People injured at work or in a car accident may be required to undergo an “independent” medical examination.  These examinations are usually far from independent.  However, they may be required as part of the legal system in Lancaster County and Pennsylvania as a whole.  The attorneys at Rankin & Gregory know what should and should not happen at an “independent” medical examination.  Chad Rankin and Bill Gregory will advise you of your rights to make sure the insurance company or employer do not take advantage of you. 


At most “independent” medical examinations, they try to make you fill out questionnaires and pain diagrams.  You do not have to fill out any questionnaires or pain diagrams at an “independent” medical examination.  Nothing in Pennsylvania’s workers compensation law or the rules of civil procedure that govern personal injury cases, including car accidents, require filling out paperwork as part of the “independent” medical examination.  See Maguire v. Liberty Mutual Group, No. 2014-CV-1036 (CP Dauphin Co. June 1, 2015 Bratton J.).  The insurance company and their doctors try to bully people into giving up their rights.  Get the lawyers at Rankin & Gregory to fight for your rights. 

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