Should You Be Paid Overtime If You Work 40 Hours During Workers Compensation Restrictions?

Should You Be Paid Overtime While Working 40 Hour Weeks During Workers’ Compensation restrictions?

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I’m working 40 hours while on Workers’ Comp, but I’m not getting overtime. Does Workers Compensation owe me money?

So, you have been injured on the job and you are actively treating them with your companies Workers’ Compensation doctor who has you on work restrictions. Your job is accommodating those restrictions (if not, then you should not be working). Your co-workers are working the usual overtime but due to your restrictions, you are unable. You’ve called the adjustor, but she is either not calling you back or has a reason why you are not owed more money. Most times we encounter this situation with our clients, they are owed money. However, the reason is not because your coworkers are working overtime, but because of what your average weekly wage is and the fact that you are not earning it while on restrictions.

Your average weekly wage is the number derived at the time of your injury. It is a mathematical calculation with legal implications. If you are a long-time employee, your AWW is calculated by looking back the entire year of earnings before your injury and dividing the year into 4 quarters, dropping the lowest quarter and averaging the weekly wages of the three remaining quarters. Once we know your AWW (do not trust that adjuster to do that simple math, they will error on their side, not yours), then we can determine if you are owed anything.

If you are working on restrictions and not making your AWW, then you are owed 2/3 of the difference between what you are earning and your AWW. The operative legal document in your case should reflect that you are sustaining wage loss. If it does not, then the law does not recognize your injury is causing wage loss, and a petition needs to be filed with a judge to have the legal status of your claim accurately reflect the situation you are experiencing.

If you were injured on the job and you are no longer working overtime, you may be owed money. RG Injury Law can help and the cost is contingent upon us having a successful result in your case. You have no risk to reach out and talk with our lawyers. We do not get paid unless we get more money for you.

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★★★★★ Very nice and professionals people and very responsible. They have people who speak Spanish and English.

Review by: Daniel Luciano  Reviewing: RG Injury Law   Date published: 4/2020   Rating: 5 / 5 stars
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