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There is no better day than when you are flying down the road on your bike, enjoying the air on your face and the satisfying feeling of powering up a tough hill. Sadly, careless, negligent, or aggressive drivers or dangerous roadways and properties can end that joy in a blink. As drivers, we know that cyclists are often at risk of being hit by a car or truck while sharing the road. We encourage all riders, children, and adults, to wear bicycle helmets, learn the signals for the road, and wear reflective clothing. Mirrors on your bike can also be helpful. If you are cycling at dusk or at night, be sure to have the appropriate lights on your bike so that drivers can see you. Choose your course wisely if you are riding for recreation. If you ride your bike to work, choose the safest route possible to avoid traffic. Be extra cautious when at intersections because distracted or intoxicated, even new drivers, are not always watching the crosswalk ahead as they navigate a turn.

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Learn Safe Cycling Rules for the Road – Resources for Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Motor Vehicle Drivers

Bicycle Laws – PA Safe Routes
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Code .The Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code defines pedalcycles (bicycles) as vehicles and grants every person riding a bicycle the same rights as other vehicle, including the right to ride in the right-most travel lane or shoulder. Cyclists may also use the left lane when making a left turn. Bikes may use as much as the lane as needed for safety but should attempt to ride as far right as conditions permit so as not to impede traffic. Read more on PennDOT’s Bicycle Safety page.

Here are biking in PA resources to help you learn more about being a safe cyclist and driver near cycles on the the roads:

Pennsylvania Bicycle Driver’s Manual (PDF)

Pennsylvania Bicycle Safety

Youth Guidelines – Staying Safe: Your Bicycle and You

A good primer for young riders.

Statewide Bike Routes

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