Driving someone else’s car, you might not be covered

Driving someone else’s car, you might not be covered

Automobile insurance companies continue to creatively find ways to save themselves money.  Unfortunately, the bottom line savings of insurance companies usually comes at our expense.  The latest creativity involves policy language that excludes coverage for anyone not specifically named in the policy.  These are called “Named Driver Only” policies.  The named driver only concept is contrary to how we have operated in Pennsylvania since automobile insurance started.  Despite the long time status quo, a Judge in Montgomery County recently ruled that an insurance company could exclude coverage for a driver that was not specifically named in the policy.  See An v. Gillmore and Victoria Fire & Cas. Co., No. 2013-Civil-06320 (C.P. Mont. Co. Sept. 2, 2014 Haas, J.).

Other automobile insurance companies will do the same thing; if they have not already.  You should check your policy to make sure that it is not a “Named Driver Only” policy.  If so, you should strongly consider making a change.  Otherwise, you and the driver could personally be responsible for the damages.

The bottom line is to read your policy and ask questions of your agent, insurance company, or call the attorneys at Rankin & Gregory.

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