Should you talk to the insurance company after a car accident?

Should you talk to the insurance company after a car accident?

After a car accident, you should call your own insurance company to put them on notice of the accident and provide them with some basic information such as the names of the other drivers and their car insurance information.  This will allow your insurance company to start your claim and get your benefits started.  However, you should hold off on giving a recorded statement or providing detailed information about your injuries, treatment, lost wages, or medical bills until you have consulted with an attorney.  You should call the auto accident attorneys at Rankin & Gregory for a free consultation to discuss what information should be provided to your insurance company and when.   

You should not talk to the other person’s insurance company, not even to provide the basic information, until you have consulted with a lawyer.  The other person’s insurance company does not have a duty to treat you fairly.  They will try to find pieces of information that you give them to eliminate or reduce your potential claims against their insured. 

The car accident lawyers at Rankin & Gregory will do the talking for you.  We will provide prompt responses to the insurance companies so that your claims are handled quickly and fairly.  It does not take long for our lawyers to learn whether the insurance company is going to treat our clients fairly.  If not, then we do whatever it takes to make sure our clients’ rights are protected.  Attorney Bill Gregory worked for insurance companies.  He knows what steps can be taken to avoid the usual road blocks.  When the insurance company refuses to treat our clients fairly, attorney Chad Rankin will take legal action to fight them.  Attorney Rankin has taken insurance companies to court in Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Philadelphia, Dauphin, Chester, Franklin, Fulton, Adams, Montgomery, and Lehigh counties as well as the federal courts within Pennsylvania. 

Call the car accident lawyers at Rankin & Gregory with offices in Lancaster (406-3216) or Leola (656-5000) for a free consultation.  We do not earn an attorney’s fee unless we win or settle your case.  You can also visit us on the web at  


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